Our Wedding Party Opening Their Proposal Boxes

Our Wedding Party Opening Their Proposal Boxes!

We all shared love, laughter, smiles and some tears of joy (from my girls)

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Maid of Honor & Bridesmaid Proposal

Inside of our Proposal Boxes, we included personalized gifts for our bridal party.

Inside of the Maid of Honor’s & Bridesmaid Boxes, we included a personalized T-shirt, a personalized perfume bottle, a personalized shot glass, a card with all details of our wedding, a few sample pictures of bridesmaid dresses and a paint chip with the color of our wedding-burgundy!

The perfume bottle says a beautiful quote, includes a pictures of the maid of honor/bridesmaid and myself, and on the bottom it says “Will you be my Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid?”

This was our way of asking them to be our Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid.



MOH & Bridesmaid Gifts

T-shirts were made by @ddebk (follow her on instagram)                                                        She definetly made our ideas come true!

Perfume bottle labels were made by @three_girls_and_some_sparkle (follow her on instagram) She took our vision, added sparkles and created a masterpiece!

Cards were made us (the groom-to-be & bride-to-be)

We ordered the shot glasses from a company that made our artwork come alive!

Personalized Shot Glasses

As part of our wedding proposal boxes,

we included a personalized shot glass for each of our wedding party members.  ♥♥ 


IMG_8636 IMG_8635 IMG_8643 IMG_8645 IMG_8644 IMG_8642 IMG_8641 IMG_8640 IMG_8638 IMG_8639 IMG_8634 IMG_8633 Personalized Shot Glasses IMG_8632